Prosthodontics Fee Guide
Treatment Price
Root Canal Consultation From £90.00
Prosthodontic / Implant Initial Consultation From £135.00
Annual review From £90.00
Root canal treatment  
- Molar tooth From £750.00 - £850.00
- Premolar From £655
- Front Tooth From £635.00
Crowns - Tooth supported From £750.00 - £850.00
Crowns - Implant supported From £1100.00 - £1250.00
Veneers - 1st pair From £700.00
Veneers - 2nd pair
And each subsequent pair £480.00 each
From £550.00 each
Bleaching - Home trays From £340.00
Dentures - Metal based partial denture From £1200.00
Dentures - Full upper or lower denture From £1200.00
Full upper and lower dentures From £2100.00
All white fillings are charged at an hourly rate of From £360.00

Why do you charge for consultations?

There are 4 important steps in the consultation process:

Gathering information

Analysing this information for diagnoses and treatment planning
Explaining the information & diagnosis and presenting treatment options for discussion

Gathering information:

Before we do a clinical examination we ask you to complete a detailed dental & medical questionnaire, which provides us with valuable information.
Outside your mouth we examine your skin, lips, lymph glands and jaw joints
Inside your mouth we examine the mucosa (skin of mouth), gums, tongue, teeth & occlusion (means simply the contact between teeth. More technically, it is the relationship between the upper & lower teeth when they approach each other, as it occurs during chewing or at rest)
We look out for signs of mouth cancer, diseases of the mucosa, gum disease, tooth damage, tooth decay, tooth infection and problems with your occlusion; all of which are very important when thinking about dental implant treatment.
We take photos, x-ray photos and CT-scans as required.

Analysing information for diagnoses & treatment planning:

We carefully examine all this information (and often discuss it between ourselves). This helps us to make the correct diagnosis. Only at this stage can we start thinking about possible treatment options. These treatment options are shaped by information you have given and by information that we have gathered.

Explaining findings & diagnoses, and presenting treatment options:

It is very important that you understand the findings, diagnoses and treatment options; so that you you can make an informed decision. We need to know what your expectations are. In general you need to consider the pros & cons of each option, the risks, complications, side-effects, benefits, success rates, treatment duration & cost. More personally, you even need think about work and family. You need ample time to ask questions. Only now can we agree on the best treatment option for you.


Paperwork! We provide you with a written treatment plan, cost estimation, consent form, pre- and post-operative instructions and prescription.

All of the above takes time; and time is money.
Typically the time spent to complete all 4 consultation processes vary between 45 min and 2 hours. For complex cases it easily takes 3 to 4 hours.
The consultation is the most critical part of the treatment process and the stage to which most mistakes can be traced.

Opening Hours

Our Periodontics/Prosthodontics opening hours are:

  • Monday and Tuesday

    8.30am - 6.00pm
  • Wednesday

    8.30am - 5.00pm
  • Thursday

    8.30am - 6.00pm
  • Friday

    8.30am - 4.00pm

We are extremely pleased with the result, the level of professionalism and care has been amazing from the beginning and all through the treatment. It took a less time than we expected. Thank you and keep doing what you doing, it makes people happy.

- Andrea

My teeth feel so weird, but they are so straight. They look beautiful. Thank you. My parents and I are so happy with the result.

- Billie

Thank you so much for giving me the perfect smile and teeth I have always wanted. I shall recommend your excellent work on to my friends.

- Eileen

Dr Ferreira has done an amazing job, I can’t’ thank you enough. The staff and level of treatment and patient care has been outstanding. I would definitely recommend this practice to other people. Thank again.

- Anita
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