Dentures are removable prostheses made to replace natural teeth that have been lost due to accident or disease. Dentures are complete if there are no remaining teeth. If there are some teeth remaining then a partial denture can be made to fit around the remaining teeth.

With the improvements in dental implants and other techniques in recent years, dentures are not as common as they once were. However, they can still be very effective for many people.

The denture is less costly than non-removable solutions, such as bridges and dental implants. For some patients, because of physical health or economics, it is the only option available to them.

Full dentures

A removable prosthesis, such as complete dentures, can restore function and appearance in the mouth as well as the surrounding facial tissues. Your Prosthodontist can provide top quality new dentures for you. Success with dentures depends on a good fit and a well-made denture, and on the amount of bone and soft tissues available to support the dentures.

Denture wearers gain confidence about how their dentures look and feel as they adjust to them over time. They usually learn to speak and eat more confidently as time passes. With a good daily cleaning routine and regular visits to the dentist, dentures can help you lead a healthy and natural lifestyle.

Of course, even with the best of care, it may be necessary to have dentures remade after a number of years. This is because the bony ridge in the mouth that dentures rest on goes through natural changes over time, causing dentures to fit improperly.

Whenever you sense any change in the way your dentures work or feel, your prosthodontist can provide new dentures or reline your existing dentures to improve their level of fit.

Comfort is a major factor in the success of removable dentures. Appearance is another. Initially, a removable denture can look aesthetically pleasing and function effectively. However, bone loss in the jaws can cause dentures to lose their fit after a while.

The emphasis in dentistry has shifted to providing edentulous patients with dental implants to support their dentures while there is still enough jawbone available, rather than waiting until large amounts of bone have been lost.

Removable dentures are simply an interim solution for many patients who eventually opt to pursue dental implant treatment.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are used as an alternative to fixed bridges in replacing missing teeth. They are often simply an interim solution for many patients who eventually opt to pursue dental implant treatment. The partial denture has clasps that fit around the remaining teeth to help stabilise it, and utilises both the remaining teeth and the soft tissues for support during chewing.

Temporary partial dentures are usually made from acrylic, while long-term partial dentures are made from acrylic teeth fitted onto a cast metal framework.

The clasps can be made from a tooth-coloured material so that no metal is visible when you smile.

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Metal Based Partial Denture















Precision-attachment dentures


Before Splinted crowns with attachments
Denture & Sleeves Splinted crowns with attachment denture
Splinted crowns with attachment denture

We are extremely pleased with the result, the level of professionalism and care has been amazing from the beginning and all through the treatment. It took a less time than we expected. Thank you and keep doing what you doing, it makes people happy.

- Andrea

My teeth feel so weird, but they are so straight. They look beautiful. Thank you. My parents and I are so happy with the result.

- Billie

Thank you so much for giving me the perfect smile and teeth I have always wanted. I shall recommend your excellent work on to my friends.

- Eileen

Dr Ferreira has done an amazing job, I can’t’ thank you enough. The staff and level of treatment and patient care has been outstanding. I would definitely recommend this practice to other people. Thank again.

- Anita
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