Dental Implants - Why choose us?

We pride ourselves on expertise, experience, quality & longevity.

Some of the reasons why you may choose us for your dental implant treatment:

We are dental specialists registered with the General Dental Council. Inus Goossens is a Prosthodontist and Pieter Odendaal a Periodontist. Since the early 1980’s Prosthodontists & Periodontists were on the forefront of research & development to make dental implant treatment what it is today: A simple, safe, secure and long-lasting treatment to replace missing & failing teeth. We were some of the 1st dental specialists receiving formal university based training in dental implantology. No other team of dental specialists are better placed to provide excellence in dental implant treatment.

  1. We established one of the 1st Specialist Dental Centres in Essex & were some of the 1st providers of dental implant treatment in Essex
  2. We are members of the largest dental implant organisations in the world i.e. the Academy of Osseointegration, Association of Dental Implantology  & European Association for Osseointegration
  3. We started providing dental implant treatment in 1997
  4. We have 36 years of combined experience in placing & restoring dental implants
  5. We use only the very best materials, techniques & laboratories
  6. We keep abreast the latest developments in dental implantology by regularly attending national & international congresses
  7. We have a 98 % success rate

We are extremely pleased with the result, the level of professionalism and care has been amazing from the beginning and all through the treatment. It took a less time than we expected. Thank you and keep doing what you doing, it makes people happy.

- Andrea

My teeth feel so weird, but they are so straight. They look beautiful. Thank you. My parents and I are so happy with the result.

- Billie

Thank you so much for giving me the perfect smile and teeth I have always wanted. I shall recommend your excellent work on to my friends.

- Eileen

Dr Ferreira has done an amazing job, I can’t’ thank you enough. The staff and level of treatment and patient care has been outstanding. I would definitely recommend this practice to other people. Thank again.

- Anita
Offering Excellence in 4 Disciplines
Opening Hours

Our Periodontics/Prosthodontics opening hours are:

  • Monday - Thursday

    ( 8.30am - 1.00pm and 2.00pm - 5.00pm )
  • Friday 8.30- 3.30

    ( 8.30am - 1.00pm and 2.00pm - 4.00pm )